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REP-IT is a smart fitness tracker that helps you maximise your workouts and any fitness or sports activities. REP-IT watch is your own personal gym buddy.

REP-IT has a built-in sensor specially designed to track workout reps. Monitor your progress and stay focused on what is most important. Get those reps in and become a stronger and fitter version of yourself. 

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Wear a smart fitness watch and start living a life with no limits. With your own personal coach guiding your workout and your personal health tracker, phase-out new year weight loss resolutions because becoming fitter is no longer just a dream, it’s a reality. Make it your reality. Revolutionize your fitness journey by setting goals and tracking your progress.

Break free from time and location constraints by having your own fitness buddy wherever you go

Fitness trend in Melbourne

One of the best fitness trends in Melbourne is wearable technology. It isn't surprising that more and more people are starting to see the need for wearable technology. Wearable tech gives everyone flexible fitness solutions and allow them to remain fit and healthy wherever and whenever.  

Get your own fitness coach, gym buddy, and all-around accountability partner with you wherever you go. Wearable technology lets you make fitness a lifestyle!

Fitness wherever and whenever

The REP-IT wearable fitness tracker is specifically designed to be light enough not to disrupt your daily activities while also being easily accessible. Wear the REP-IT watch whenever and wherever!

Convert movement into trackable data

With built-in detectors to track body movement and convert them into data that can readily be accessed using your smartphone. Easily monitor your daily steps, calories burned, and workout routines. Record your workout repetitions and better calculate how much calories you are burning. 

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Wearable technology is the best investment you can make for your health

Track workouts, encourage physical activity, or monitor health markers. REP-IT watch is equipped with a heart rate monitor, workout tracker, altimeters, and sleep monitor to further inform you about your daily physical activities and performance level. These are great for those who want to improve their overall health.

Monitors day-to-day activities and stay motivated

REP-IT smart watch specialises in measuring your workouts and reminding you to exercise. More than just tracking your steps per day or the distance you've travelled, REP-IT's sophisticated sensors helps you monitor changes in your workout. The aim is to deliver data that would let you monitor and help reach your fitness goals.

Encourages accountability

Wearable fitness devices make sure you hit fitness and health goals you have set. From alarms that remind you to get moving after you’ve stayed sitting for too long to workout monitors that tell you how many repetitions you have yet to go before finishing your workout, wearable fitness will keep you aware of how far you’ve come in your journey and how much yet you have to do to achieve your goals.

fitness tracker watch for women in melbourne

Cycle tracker for women

Though most fitness devices are unisex, there are specific models designed for women to keep track of their monthly cycle and the symptoms that come with it. This is a great device for women who want to learn more about their hormonal patterns and is a great way to educate women to understand how their monthly cycle affects their lifestyle. 

Interested to unleash your inner potential and start maximizing your every workout? REP-IT watch is coming soon to Melbourne. Get your own personal gym buddy with REPIT smart fitness watch! Order now! 

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