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Focus and stay motivated with REP-IT™

REP-IT™ Fitness Smart Watch

Improve your gym experience and keep count of your workout repetitions with REP-IT™. It’s hard enough to get yourself to the gym, if you don’t have a trainer or a workout buddy, it’s even harder to stay focused when everyone else is busy chatting and doing their own thing.

The REP-IT™ watch solves that problem for you and then some. Carefully designed to help you achieve maximum results throughout your gym program, the REP-IT™ watch is not a fitness tracker, but the ultimate workout partner. It is a non-fuss functional watch that makes sure you’re not distracted by the many features and notifications a fitness tracker or smartwatch can bombard you with which end up detracting from your workout game; instead, REP-IT™ helps you focus on your workout and motivates you to improve your performance every time, ensuring you get the best possible results from your gym session.

With REP-IT™, getting distracted while working out and producing sub-par results is a thing no more. Wearing a REP-IT™ watch is like bringing your own personal gym buddy with you, keeping track of your performance, and helping you keep your attention on the most important thing you need to do, workout.

We understand how difficult it is to motivate yourself. With so many people and so many workouts, the gym is an overwhelming place and seeing someone do so much better than you can leave you a little worse for wear. REP-IT™ will help you keep your head in your workout game. REP-IT™ reminds you of your progress, highlighting how much you’ve already accomplished to show you what you’re really capable of and remind you that working out is not a competition with anyone else but yourself. You’ve gone so far already, you can keep going just a little bit more. 

Wearing a REP-IT™ watch is you making a commitment to push yourself into becoming your sweatiest and strongest self. Bring out the workout warrior in you and kiss mediocre workouts a goodbye! 

Stay tuned! REP-IT™ is soon coming your way to revolutionise the way you perform your workout routine. 

Stock releases soon in Sydney and Melbourne!